I work for myself and here’s what I do.

  1. Editing, for professionals to high school and college students.  Includes both manuscript and essay editing and proofreading as well as copyediting for both advertisers and newspapers and everything in between.
  2. Writing, from articles to advertisements to marketing strategies.
  3. Book Reviews.  Need/want your book to be put on the blog-market?  Not only will I read your finished product, I will (sometimes very shamelessly) blog about your work here on my site and, if it meets requirements, will post it on my recommendations page and favorites tab.
  4. Website/Blog Review.  Same as number 3, only the review will cover your website and/or blog content.

{and my favorite}

Personal Memoir Novels

My great-grandmother passed away before I got to tap into her mind and get all those awesome stories out of her.  I will always regret that I missed my chance in collecting her life and bottling it in book form.  Before it’s too late for regrets, you should have a catalog of your own family’s history complete with those funny anecdotes and nostalgic memories that are unique to you. Instead of putting in all the time and effort into cataloging it yourself, have someone else do it for you (like me).

This service includes in-depth personal conversations, time spent with you, your family, your loved ones, journaling and researching all the history you have to offer, and will be written into your own personal memoir, bound and put together like you would find a book on the shelf.

For one or more of these services, and for pricing, please feel fee to contact me:


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