Oh how pinteresting

July 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

My poor, poor husband.  Ever since I got addicted to Pinterest–and that’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve actually utilized it–I’m pretty sure every story I start begins with, “So I found on Pinterest today…”

At first, I had a strong aversion to it.  Most likely because I hate all popular things for the simple fact that they’re popular (something I’m working on).  But it’s just now become real how useful this site is.  Especially getting tips and ideas for my kinder and first grade (!!) classes.  I’ve found some really helpful lesson plans and thoughts that I have adapted to fit my own needs, and that really helped out during those last few weeks of school when I was at a loss as to what to teach.

I turned 24 in March, which isn’t a big deal, really.  I’m not one of those age-obsessed persons, and when you’re husband is six and a half years older than you, it’s easy to forget the age difference until birthdays roll around.  But ever since this birthday, I’ve started realizing how I’ve been out of high school for six years, and out of college for two, and married for 25 months, and how I don’t live in Texas, and how I’m starting graduate school, and how I have this semi-starter-career.  And I keep forgetting that I’m 24.  Sometimes I think I’m way older than that (thanks to the huzzband) and sometimes I think I’m way younger than that (thanks to all the young adult TV and books I read).  But I don’t know myself as a 24 year old, married, New Englander, and thanks to Pinterest, I get to experiment with a lot of different things.

Like exercise.  I used to just be a runner, but now I’m on my floor doing medicine ball workouts (with my dog) and doing jumping jacks in the kitchen and pushups on the bed, thanks to a Pinterest exercise routine find.
And hair.  Usually I blow dry it and go.  But now I’m teasing it, updoing it, hairspraying it, all because Pinterest makes it seem so easy.  Braiding is my new obsession.

ignore the no makeup face. i woke up 45 mins late and barely had time to shower.

Cooking has become fun.  Especially with all these new recipes on how to make my own snacks.  The husband and I are experimenting with cleaner, healthier foods (a whole other subject) so I look forward to making my own granola or chips or whatever.
My friend and I like to play interior decorating when we’re together–it’s like house for grownups–and Pinterest now has me fully convinced that I am a legit interior decorator, and that I can do it all myself.

It’s been really fun to play around with hair and food and crafts–things I never thought I’d like to do and now I’m finding that I’m good at them and I enjoy it, for the most part.  I’m still trying to figure out the whole sewing thing.  I’ve realized that at 24, it’s okay to like different things and do different things, and be a different type of person than I was at 23 or 22 or 18, or will be at 30.  I like knowing that I can change, and it feels good to figure out who this new person is; I enjoy all this experimentation.

So thank you, Pinterest, for helping me figure out the unique and special person I really am by helping me to copy and plagiarize other people.


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