R is one of the most menacing sounds. That’s why they call it murder, not muckduck.

July 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

When the huzzband and I were not engaged–that four month period which served only as a prelude to us preparing for marriage, and nothing more–I was hooked on The Office.  And rightly so, that show was awesome.  That’s how we spent the three day weekend of his visit, watching episode after episode, with our shoulders barely touching.  We got through the first two seasons, and I let him borrow seasons three and four.  So it only made sense that on our wedding day, when my uncle who was marrying us said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Frost,” we had The Office theme song play as we walked out.

We recently picked up the show again, and made it through the first five seasons.  As I’ve said before, the first five seasons are hands down the best.  In fact, the season five finale is when the show jumped the shark.  But since he didn’t believe me, we picked up season six from the library.  And let me say, I thought the first half of season six was pretty good.  But after watching it again, I can’t remember why I ever thought the season was funny.  It’s way more crude, way more vulgar, Michael Scott is now unbelievably stupid (which, I realize, is what most people said from the very beginning) and the jokes are so not funny.  I was bored, which is why I spent most of the time “watching” the show from the kitchen, where I was cooking for our upcoming NCDC trip.

I hear that now that Michael Scott left, the show is still funny, but you have to watch it as if it’s a completely different show.  Like, come in at a different angle.  I understand that reasoning, but to me, The Office is The Office, and though I could watch it without wishing for Michael or Jim and Dwight pranks, it’s still the same show.  By approaching it with the mindset that it’s a completely different show, well, then they should just end The Office and produce a completely different show, since that’s how it’s supposed to be viewed anyway.

Poor thing.  And I thought it was going to start a TV revolution or something.  Instead, it birthed shows like Parks & Recreation, which is funny without the crude though it doesn’t have any substance, and Modern Family, which makes the worst use of the mockumentary style I’ve ever seen.


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