It’s a Boy!

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Meet Swarley:

And yes, his name is derivative of that one How I Met Your Mother episode.
We “rescued” him from a family in Rhode Island.  (Again, it’s another  How I Met Your Mother reference.  Just substitute “New York” and “New Jersey” for “Mass” and “Rhode Island.)

Running through giant snowbanks
Peanut butter, goldfish, fajitas, bell pepper…well, food. You could say he’s an epicurean.
Other dogs
Our apartment balcony
Barking at his reflection in the balcony door
Sleeping in the bed
Peeing on the floor
Peeing on the couch
Peeing in the bed
Peeing on the chair
Peeing in the kitchen
Peeing on the carpet right next to the puppy pad
Going for long walks in the neighborhoods
Pretending to chew on stuff when really he’s eating it; like cameras, plastic bottles, toilet paper, keurig coffee cups, coffee table legs, etc.
Standing on the dining table and launching himself at the first person that comes through the door
Barking at us while we eat dinner
Watching TV
Riding in the car
Playing fetch with himself:  he throws the toy up in the air and then jumps to get it
Eating the bubbles of my bubble bath
Eating my loofah
Drinking bath water while I’m taking a bath
Small spaces, i.e. the corner between the toilet and the tub, under the bed, under the nightstand, the space between the couch and the bookshelf
Taking baths

Puppy food
Anything he’s not allowed to eat
Peeing on the puppy pad
Having a plastic cone around his neck when he got neutered
Wearing clothes

He especially enjoyed the best friend’s daughter when they visited this past week.  They were buddies all week long, and he’s been pouting the last few days because she left.  I guess this means we’ll have to have our own baby soon….not.

Family Portrait!

And even though our carpet is stained yellow, our last roll of paper towels was torn to shreds, and I’m missing some socks, we are so glad that Swarley makes our lives much more interesting and entertaining.


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