November 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

I think Thanksgiving week should be a mandatory, statewide, week-long holiday.  Like, fo realz, yo.  I hate having to spend half the best week of the year working.  But, I guess I’m in the real life now, so…whatever.

Here’s my cliched list of thankfulness for this year’s Thanksgiving:

I’m thankful that I have a husband.  Because having a husband means that I’m married for life and I don’t have to worry about trying to find the right guy.  Which means that I can watch Twilight twice in one weekend and I can still go home to a man at night.  Of course, that man probably isn’t exactly as happy as he could be after being dragged to a movie he never wanted to watch, but he is a man nonetheless.

And yes, true story.  I saw the movie on Friday and then again on Sunday.  But in my defense, the theatre was so crowded on Friday and we sat in a row right in front of loud talkers that it turns out I quite literally missed about half the dialogue.  So, it was sorta kinda like a whole new movie on Sunday.

I’m thankful for the weather.  As terribly cold as it is, it has allowed us to keep the AC turned off for two weeks and subsequently save on our electric bill.  Because it’s all about pinching pennies when your poorlyweds.

I’m thankful for seasons, because it means I get to have views like this from my balcony.  I can’t wait until it snows.

I’m thankful that we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, instead of going to Texas, because my husband is going overboard on the foods he wants to cook so we went to BJs and ended up getting a 24 pack of IBC rootbeer.  But, now we’re down to 20.  I’m going to miss my family, sure, but this year is going to be somethin’ else, I know it.   (Wait, make that 18.)

I am thankful for going Christmas shopping last year after Christmas, because when we opened the boxes to see what we have, I’d forgotten about all the great stuff we had bought.  Like our Happy Hannukah dish rags covered in dreidls.  And our stuffed Santa and Elves toys.  And I’m thankful that on Friday, Christmas finally begins and we get to buy our first ever adult-sized Christmas tree.  This year it’ll even be green.

last year's tree: 1.5 ft tall and silvery black


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