I have a cornucopia of things to say, but ne’er a corn to ucopia in.

November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about forever, being that I’m finally over my deathbed sickness and all.

But I can’t think of a single thing today.  So instead, I’ll do a five finger update.

Finger One:  I’m applying to Graduate School!! We’ll see if I actually get in before I give the details, but I’m very excited.  Now I just gotta find some professors who will remember me enough to write a recommendation letter.  That’s honestly the biggest obstacle to overcome in this whole shebang.  And the huzzband is starting his masters in March.  We’ll both be students.  It feels weird.

Finger Two:  We painted our bedroom this weekend.  So instead of three ugly white walls (one was already painted a pretty blue) we now have a pretty blue wall with pretty blue stripes running along the other three walls.  And we rearranged the furniture.  Eventually there will be a picture, but I have to hang things and buy things still.  So, soon.

Finger Three:  I’m not quite sure why I’m doing this with “fingers” but I’m too lazy now to change it.  Now that I’m over this whole clogged-head-no-voice-cough-sick stuff, I’ve started listening to my students.  Like, really listening, when they think I’m not.  Mostly because I can finally hear what they’re saying.  Secondly because I cannot get over how hilarious they are:

Student #1:  Mrs. Frost, when my dog poops, he does it like this. *Sticks but out in air and turns in circles*
Me:  Student #1 that is disgusting!  We are kindergarteners now, and we don’t talk about things like that *says in scolding voice*
Student #2:  Mrs. Frost, this weekend we went to the beach and my dog ate a rat.
Me:  Student #2!  What I did just say to Student #1?  That’s gross, we don’t talk about gross things.
Student #2:  Well he spit it out. *Says in a voice that sounds as if this fact is the difference between pleasantries and gross-itries*

Finger Four:  Speaking of my students, I taught one to read today.  Which sounds kind of weird, but I have really really smart students, so I haven’t gotten the chance to actually teach one to read.  But I did this one.  It was awesome.

Finger Five:  Sometimes I’m a facebook creeper (okaayyyy, all the time) but I found this band on my feed and I have to say, I’m just a tad obsessed.  But rightly so.  Thank you kind stranger for posting it on a fellow “friend’s” wall just for my hearing pleasure.


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