October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been sick.

And not the stuffy nose, a bit of coughing sick, either.  The stuffy nose, a bit of coughing, with fever, headache, nausea, fatigue and more kind of sick.  And I’ve been sick since the beginning of October.  According to WebMD it could be about 20 different things, including diabetes, pneumonia, or tonsilitis.  But I’m neither of those things.  And I’m not pregnant–I have a pee-stick and a blood test to prove it (thank God).  According to the nurse practitioner, I got a virus.  And then I got another virus.  And then I probably got another one on top of that. Which sucks because I haven’t participated in any of my favorite fall activities, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, or corn-mazing.

Dang these kindergarteners and their runny noses and New England specific strains of flu-like symptoms.
Because I have every single thing that my students have.
In the order they have gotten it.

But my sickness is the reason for my blogging absence.  Because I still have to work, see, and by the time I get home I don’t want to do anything but watch The Big Bang Theory.  And I’ve been watching that a lot.  Sometimes the huzzband and I sing “Soft Kitty” in rounds.

This weekend we went to Maine.  I love Maine.  I love the old house that my husband grew up in, and the fact that you are completely cutoff from civilization in a very real and slightly disturbing way.  I spent a lot of time sleeping, taking pictures with my new (old) camera, and generally doing nothing but resting.

I came back with a migraine, more nausea, and hot flashes (early menopause maybe??) but perhaps I’ll beat this cold soon, since my mommy is coming to visit on Thursday to take care of me.

But back to the weekend.

A few weeks ago my Mother-in-Law and I did a garage-sale run and I found this awesome old camera that still worked.  So I bought it.  And this weekend I bought film and took lots of pictures.  Of course, I think I exposed the film too much to the sunlight when I was trying to figure out how to wind it back up, which is why you have all the light leaks, but I still think some of the pictures are pretty awesome.

First picture!  The husband standing out on the deck.

A fall tree in my husband’s grandmother’s yard.

Me and the husband at his “birthday” dinner.

What was even more crazy was when we got there, it was definitely fall, as evidenced by the pretty leaves.  But on Saturday night, it snowed 10 inches, so it was winter when we left.

First snowfall of the year!

Sunday morning in the backyard.

I don’t even know what kind of camera it is–nor do I really care–but I am going to look up how to use the settings and now that I know not to open the case until the film is wound back up, maybe there won’t be as many light leaks in the pictures.  Or maybe there will be.  Either way, I love taking pictures and not knowing what I’m going to get until it’s developed.


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