October 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

After waking up before the sun to take my huzzband to the airport this morning, I’ve spent the last few hours cleaning, ironing, and watching tv.  I’m pretty sure a nap is due in there somewhere.

I’m looking to revamp the blog a little bit.  It started out as a book review, movie review, culture type thing, but now that I write book reviews elsewhere, I don’t really post them up here. And now that I’m teaching, I have almost zero time to do anything at all.

I’m thinking of changing this to more of a lifestyle blog.  A how I survive New England, as a not-so newlywed with a very long journey ahead of me kind of blog.

I’m looking for a new layout–but I have no idea how to manipulate html or css stuff, so that part will be a while.  (If you wanna help, please do!)

I’m also looking for new topics, new stories, new pictures to post.  I’m hoping this will go well.  But we’ll see.

I also really want to revamp my wardrobe and apartment style.  We’re here for the long haul, and I’m a working “professional” now.

Really, I just need change.

Until now, I leave you with this photo–my favorite one of the two of us–the one that stays in my car so I’ll remember what he looks like when he gets back on Thursday night.

and to think i took this with a disposable camera.


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