Friday’s Festivious Fives (If festivious is a word)

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

1.  For the first time this week, I haven’t come home crazy-insanely tired.  Well, I am now, but yesterday I was actually fine.  I know I only teach kindergarten for two hours–I tutor, homeschool, and do adult ESL the other hours–but those little kids wear me completely out.  I’ve been falling asleep on the couch before 9:00 most nights.  Which is sad, because we only have one couch, so the huzzband has been spending lots of time on the floor.

2.  We’re going out tonight!  So long story short, we visited a new church not too long ago and by golly we finally felt like we fit in somewhere!  I use the phrase “fit in” loosely, of course, because out of 5 out of 10 people had either gigantic holes (gauges) in their ears or were tattooed heavily or both.  So us (lower)middle class non-punk’d white couple stuck out like a sore thumb.  But in all honesty, we love the church.  So much so that we’re going to try out a life group tonight!  I’m excited.  I hope this means we’ll make friends.

3.  Tomorrow night is the FIRST OFFICIAL BOSTON PANCAKE PARTY!  So remember the friend that moved up here?  Well, when we were in high school him and I and a bunch of other totally uncool people got together consistently and had pancake parties.  (Yeah, legit).  It’s pretty much like it sounds:  we make pancakes and then eat them.  But not just any pancakes.  We like to put stuff in them.  Like pudding and M&Ms and Reese’s and cocoa and strawberry milk and cinnamon and so on.  It’s so fun.  And tomorrow night he and a few other people are coming over for pancake fun.  I’m excited.  It’s probably what I miss most about High School.  And Texas.

best friendzz! reflection in the tea kettle circa 2008

4. We bought new bedroom furniture, which is awesome because our clothes are no longer sitting in piles everywhere (except for the dirty ones on the floor of the bathroom, of course).  And we’re finally sleeping on a queen size bed.  It’s been so comfortable we’ve been late to work every morning.  You know, because we’re sleeping.  Like, zzzzzz.  Not like the other kind of sleeping.

5.  Remember that other job that I have?  Well, I got two more books sent in the mail today for my reviewing pleasure.  I get so happy to see a book postmarked from New York (usually) and I know that I get to read something that almost no one else has yet.  It’s fun.  Even though the first one I read was a complete dud.


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