A Sloppy Series

August 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Have you read this series?

I’ve read the first 3 a while ago, and recently I found out that she has a 4th and a 5th to complete the whole thing, so now I’m re-reading the books to get to the last two.  I’ve read the first two and I’ve now remembered what I love and hate about these books.

I love the voice.  It’s so unique yet not unlike my own sarcastic vocabulary that I pull out when something gets me riled up.  Jessica Darling, the protagonist, has this awesome way to explain things, and though it may get a little rough sometimes–the voice is very strong–I have to give props to the author for consistency.

I hate–loathe–most of the subject.  So books one and two are about Jessica’s sophomore to senior years in high school, and the subject matter almost completely revolves around sex.  This girl is the horniest 16yr old I “know.”

I think it’s odd; I mean, aren’t teenage boys supposed to be sex-driven?  And I know that teenage girls struggle with sexuality as well, but I can’t help but question the amount.  Not only that, most girls I know–the ones I were friends with–had more to talk about than trying to get de-virginized by idiot classmates.  Not necessarily because we all believed in abstinence or because we all felt led by God not to have sex (though that was definitely my thought process).  I think it was because we had more substance.  We had stuff to do, to talk about, to study.  We had more important things to worry about than boys.  So it bothers me that this author places such a high value on sex and how she makes it very essential to the plotline.  And Jessica’s whining about how she’s the only virgin left in her school sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

On top of it all, most of the characters have zero depth–and that includes the protagonist.  There’s nothing more important than the social hierarchy of high school and all the metaphorical backstabbings and rumermongers that go along with it.  I hope it gets better in books 4 and 5, but I won’t hold my breath.  But yes, I will continue reading.  Like I said, I love the voice.  And I love the protagonist’s obsession–Marcus Flutie.  He is by far the best character.  A coke-addict Mr. Darcy if you will.  But that may be giving McCafferty too much credit, because she is definitely no Jane Austen.


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