After living here for 14 months, there are reasons why I’m in it for the long haul.

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yeah, I was born and raised in South Texas, but I’m gonna be honest:  I think I’ve always been a New Englander at heart.

I was thinking about this two days ago when my central air kicked on.  Let me say, after living for 22 years with central air and heat, it was a complete shock to move up here and spend my first year with only a window unit in the bedroom.  It was so hot.  My bread would mold quicker than we could eat it.  My butter would melt–in the refrigerator!–and I pretty much stayed bathed in my own sweat since we didn’t have enough windows for a cross breeze.  But now that we moved, our new apartment has an AC unit.  Overjoyed I was!  Until I realized it’s such a crappy unit that it takes forever to cool down even two degrees and I said aloud, “Man, I hate this stupid thing.  I think it would be better if we just didn’t have one at all.”  And that’s when I realized, I was born to be a New Englander.

Other things I’ve learned to love since being here:

–Driving slow.  This seems strange, but in Texas, specifically downtown Houston, there’s not a single soul who drives under 70mph, and that’s including school zones.  But as I was driving from home to visit my mother in law, I felt like I was flying down the highway and decided to slow down, only to find that I had been sitting steady at 55mph.  I think the difference is that in Texas there’s nothing to look at while driving, and everything is so bland you pretty much want to get to where you’re going as soon as possible.  Up here, one second I’m driving through the mountains and the next I’m passing through a picturesque town with the ocean peaking through from behind.

Driving up to New Hampshire, the view from the passenger side.

–Polar Soda.  I’m sure you can get this in Texas, but I’m pretty sure drinking seltzer water is a very common New England thing.  With the lack of Sonics and their infamous Happy Hours up here, I’ve had to get creative, so I started putting flavored Polar seltzer in my juices.  And let me just say, I don’t miss Sonic a single bit.  My cranberry juice with pomegranate seltzer is way better than the cherry limeades I used to get.

–Seafood.  Most Texas people are TexMex snobs.  They think no one can do an enchilada the way that Texas Mexicans can.  I don’t feel this way.  Partly because I can cook Mexican food that’s tasty enough to satisfy my TexMex cravings and partly because I love Mexican food up here.  It may not be TexMex, but it’s BrazilianMex or PortugeseMex, and it’s all good.  However, I have become quite the seafood snob.  Until you’ve had lobster from the Union Oyster House or shrimp from some other strictly New England restaurant, you haven’t had seafood yet.  The Gulf and Red Lobster just doesn’t cut it anymore.

My first lobster.  At the Union Oyster House in March, 2010.

My first lobster. At the Union Oyster House in March, 2010.

–The Beach.  We all know how gross Galveston is, and how beautiful Destin, Florida, is, but you can’t deny the charming beauty of a New England beach is.  We live right next to Wollaston beach and though it may be a rocky shoreline, the scene itself is so pretty.  You can see the skyline of Boston and Squantam Hill from where we are.  I’m probably a beach snob now, too.

There are a lot of things wrong with this place:  the street lines are never correct, winter goes on forever and spring lasts about a day, and those picturesque cities are cramped enough to make me claustrophobic.  And no one believes me when I say the summer up here sucks.  I’m sorry you Texas people have weeks of 100 degree weather, but yesterday it was 75 degrees up here, and in the middle of August, you’d expect it to be hotter.  I miss three digit temperatures no matter how much you all suffer.

But I love this place.  I’ll probably move eventually, but I’m just not sure if I’ll ever go back to Texas.


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