“She thinks she was a cow in another life.”

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The husband and I finally went camping two weeks ago!  We stayed in the New Hampshire mountains–about half an hour from Vermont and an hour from the Canadian border–and it was the hottest weekend of the summer so far.  Luckily, we were far enough north that the highest it got was 95, which I realize isn’t that hot compared to my 22 years spent in Texas.  However, it literally was the hottest day since last summer, and our tent site had zero shade.  So we spent most of our time in the pool or the lake during the day to cool off.  I kayaked for the first time ever!  It was in the beautiful lake they had and it felt so surreal.  We also hiked 1.5 miles up a half mountain to a fire tower which we climbed to see the Presidential Mountain Range.  I know it was only 1.5 miles, but it was the steepest 1.5 miles I’ve ever walked.  And–since the huzzband is still in recovery–we took it slow, so we ended up spending about 3 hours in the cool dark forested mountains.

the view from our tent door

the huzzband halfway up the moutain looking at the presidential range

On our way home from the mountains, we stopped at the Kiterry outlets and found a Stonewall Kitchen store.  I’d never heard about Stonewall Kitchen until I met my mother in law, who loves to buy their jams and syrups and things, and I’d already fell in love with the products I’d seen her use.  So we stopped in and got Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Cinnamon Apple Syrup and Asiago Cream Dressing.  All three of them are beautifully packaged and taste so good.  If I had it my way, and if I had tons of money, I’d stock my kitchen with their products.  It’s reasons like these that I’m not sure if I’ll ever come back to Texas.  And if I do, you can bet I’ll be bringing a suitcase full of Stonewall Kitchen.

Last weekend, Mr. Frost surprised me with a one night stay at the Back Bay Hilton, next to the Pru Center.  We got all fancied up and ate at The Melting Pot–my new favorite restaurant.  I’d never had fondue before, and it was so fun!  And then on Saturday we shopped on Newbury Street and looked at the Civil War exhibit at the Boston Public Library and walked around the Pru.  It was one of the prettiest days so far this summer, and it was nice to walk around the city.  To complete the weekend, we bought season 6 of The Closer, and there was a whole disc of episodes I’d never seen before!  I was so excited.  We ended up watching all 15 episodes in a 24 hour period.  Not quite the most productive use of our time, but fun nonetheless.

goin' to The Melting Pot

goin' to Newbury Street

Speaking of summer, I’m pretty sure it’s my absolute least favorite season up here.  And by that, I mean I hate it.  One day it’s beautiful outside and the next day it’s rainy, humid, and 20 degrees cooler.  It’s disgusting.  Just when I start getting used to the warm weather, storms swoop in and take it all away.  No, spring is my absolute favorite.  By the time I get tired of the cold, everything starts blooming.  I love all the colors.  The only downside is the trees bloom for about a month before summer storms in and everything just turns green again.

I haven’t been writing so much on the blogs, but that’s because I’m getting ready for my job, which I’ll be starting in two Mondays.  I’m trying to clean and organize the house so I won’t have to worry about it for a while and we’re also trying to cram everything we wanted to do this summer (you know, before my husband became a lame gimp) before I have to go back to work.  We’re going to spend this weekend in Maine on York beach (and maybe do some house demolition with the in-lawz).  Thursday we’re going on a supper picnic at World’s End and tonight we’re going for a walk on Quincy Shore Drive.  My favorite thing about this state is how beautiful the scenery is.  No neon lighted billboards, lots of trees, no gas stations every 3 feet.  In fact, on my way to work I pass the most awesome scenery of the ocean.  There’s this big brick house that sits on an peninsula that juts out into the water.  Again, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Texas.  And if I do, I’m sure going to bring the ocean scenes back with me.

In addition to getting the house cleaned and organized, I’ve been reading a ton and writing reviews for my newest endeavor.  I got paid today for the month of July, a whole six dollars!  We’re going out tonight to celebrate.

You can check out most of my reviews here.


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