Hey Campers.

June 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

The huzzband is almost out of recovery! And my incognito-ness is almost over!

So I shall leave you with the following things:

  • Finding Alice by Melody Carlson.  It’s about a girl that slowly spirals into paranoid schizophrenia and how she recovers.  It’s good, but the last few chapters were rather disappointing.  I felt like Carlson changed the voice way too much and wrapped things up way too quickly.
  • Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson.  It’s about a boy who is told to be a man but he doesn’t quite know how to do that.  So he figures it out on his own.  It’s a good, and quick, read told in the point of view of the protagonist who always seems to take the high road even though he’s given a lot of flack.
  • Owl City’s newest album All Things Bright and Beautiful.  I love Owl City.  I love his quirky lyrics and the electronica-ness.  And I love Alligator Sky, it’s probably better than Fireflies.
  • HelloGiggles!  Have you seen this website?  It’s awesome.
  • Parks and Recreation.   I don’t know how I didn’t get hooked on this show–except that it was a complete ripoff from The Office–but I love it.  Amy Poelher is great and the characters seem way more real and well-rounded than some from The Office. And as stupid as they all are, they all have great moments of vulnerability.  Plus, as stupid as they are, it’s more of a normal stupid.
  • Arrested Development.  How have I never seen all this show before now?  I even got the huzband hooked!  It started getting shaky in the middle of season 2, when Buster lost his hand (to a loose seal wearing a bowtie that GOB had set free) but it steadied itself again.  And I hear they’re making a movie!  My favorite though?  How Buster greets his family.  Take a look:

That’s all for now!  But I should be back to regularness by the end of the week.

What have you been doing?


§ One Response to Hey Campers.

  • Ahh! I’m so glad you’re into Parks and Rec now. It’s genius. See also: Arrested Development. The way AD set up jokes is so unique and unlike any show I’ve ever seen. Finally, did you know that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett (GOB) are married in real life? Crazy! “Hey, father uncle dad!” “Hey, possible nephew.”

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