The Final Blog of James Frey’s Newest–and most likely unHoliest–work

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know that by writing my own post on this book and how much I’m not looking forward to it’s release will actually benefit the author.  Not only will his book be blogged about just one other time and the picture posted so that even more people will recognize it, some will go out and read it to figure out if they’ll like it or not.

So, I’ll keep this brief.  If you want a summary, look it up yourself.

Have I read any of Frey’s work? No.  I have not.  So I’m not criticizing his writing.  Frey has been quoted that with this book, he has simply tried to “write the best book [he] could…to write a radical book. ”   And this book is supposed to be the “theoretical third volume of the Bible–there was the Old, the New, and this is the Final.”

I have to say, I have a problem with writers who write about religion or use religion as extended metaphors when they, themselves, have never experienced a relationship with God, have never had an experience where God has met their needs in some sort of way, or have had anything at all positive to do with “religion” itself.  Mostly, these writers either have one bad experience where the church or God has let them down, or they simply don’t believe in His existence and think that those of us who do are “antiquated,” simple-minded, or just down right stupid.

Does this describe Frey?  No idea.  I’ve never met him.

But I have to say, anyone who dares to write a “Final Testament” must have some sort of egotistical God-complex to think that he can the person that finishes the Bible.  Something has to be going on there.

What people don’t understand is the Bible is complete.  It has a beginning, it has an end, and it’s story is perfect.  Don’t try to finish it for me, please.  And anyone who writes a third part–whether it be an author who tries to capture the glory that is God or an author who wants to update the story a little bit by ignoring all that is holy–doesn’t have that right or that authority.  And I would have a problem with any writer who decided he or she needs to pen the last part.

I mean, who died and left James Frey god?

Because, as far as I’m concerned, God is still living and moving with us.  And I won’t need a final testament to make me realize that.


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