From the beginning to the end; On writing, not a novel, but on writing today.

March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

I say this a lot, but I’m working on a new project now.  A novel, vignette-style, on college life.  I’m not quite sure what the plot-line is yet, but this is the first thing since my thesis that’s looking promising.  I wish I had a professor with project due dates and an ultimate deadline though, for then I’d for sure get the thing completed in a timely manner.  But I guess I shall just shoot for the evasive “by the end of the year” date.

Things I’ve found helpful while writing:

1.  Augustana.  More importantly, Sweet And Low on the Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt album.  They’ve got soothing vocals and pleasant to my ears music.

2.  A thick spiral notebook from my college days and my favorite batman pen.  The hardest part is to come up with names.   So I jot down all the girl or boy names I can think of and eventually I get to one that I like.  I also do this for other things, like critical plot line points or titles for the vignettes.  Old-fashioned pen-to-paper helps the creativity flow way more than typing it out on a screen.

3.  The library.  I just can’t work in the house, especially when the bedroom/office space is completely full of boxes stacked literally to the ceiling (we’re moving friday).  Plus, if I get here at the library when it opens and plan to spend time writing, it’s like I have a job and a routine, and that’s always helpful.

4.  My computer battery.  I like to write until the battery dies, and then I stop, pack up, and go home, where I do things like clean or watch the telly or read and not think about my work until the next morning.  It cleans out the system, so to speak.

5.  Twitter.  If I ever get the least bit stuck, I go on Twitter, and read article posted by people like Boston Popular or The Globe or authors I follow, or random people that post random tid-bits of info.  It gets the brain thinking about something else for a quick moment and then I go back to the story at hand.

What do you find is helpful when you write/paint/work/study??

And do you have a collegiate anecdote to share?  Everything and anything is always helpful.



§ One Response to From the beginning to the end; On writing, not a novel, but on writing today.

  • christine says:

    I love listening to classical piano music when I’m struggling to focus. Somehow it just makes me feel calmer and smarter.
    When it comes to my creative writing, I love going to a bookstore or coffee shop and just people watching or eavesdropping (unintentionally). Sometimes the tidbits of information I pick up inspire me in unexpected ways.

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