Glee and Debauchery: Why I’m not a fan.

March 22, 2011 § 5 Comments

I have to pause our themed week for a moment to make a comment about Glee-and TV in general-because if I don’t do it now, it’ll be sorta outdated.
Plus, I’m in a mood to be annoyed about something.  So I choose this.

If Glee hasn’t jumped the shark, then it probably needs to before it goes down with worse casualties than the Titanic.
And yeah, I didn’t like the “gay kiss” that aired last Tuesday, but the criticism I have stems way before that even happened.

It’s like this:  when you have a character as insane as Sue Sylvester–no matter how funny and quippy she is–you have to know when to rein it in.  She can’t be endearing while sticking up for bullied Kurt while at the same time putting dirt in the cheerleaders’ lockers.  It’s too much of a personality difference.

Also, the whole premise of the show is that it’s not a musical, as the producers stressed very heavily.  It’s about kids that sing.  So why have they started singing in the halls and doing random firework music videos?  I liked it better when they were performing just to perform.

The whole Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle is getting stupid.  Idea of a love triangle?  Good.  Having it switch back and forth so much in only half a season? Bad.  It makes for  a migraine.

Can Brittany get any dumber? Again, funny.  But, seriously.

But I think the problem I have with it is how overly preachy it’s become.  Which is weird because you’d think “preachy” would mean it’s stuffing conservatism down our throats–which, to the liberals and most other people, is the same thing as saying “stuffing religion down our throats.”

What really aggravates me is how under-represented I am in the show.  And what I mean by that is, if the producers are trying to make a real-life high school world, then where’s my character??

Sure, I show up in the geekiness of Rachel–whose character, by the way, is becoming ever increasingly annoying. Does she care about anything but Finn?–and I like to think I have the boldness of Mercedes and the sarcasm and “snootyness” (as some would call it) as Santana.  But as a whole, I don’t belong in this world.

Which is funny, since, you know, I did go to high school.

After watching the Alcohol and Sexy episodes, I got the feeling that Glee has become some sort of perverted after-school special.  Instead of teaching kids not to have sex or to drink–which is what after-school specials in my day drove home–the show is quite literally and not at all subtly shouting from the rooftops, “Hey! It’s totally okay to drink and have sex!  Abstinence from either is so not cool!  But, if you’re singing on stage, don’t barf.”

And now with the “gay kiss,” well, I think I’ve about had it.

I’m totally cool with other viewpoints being represented.  It’s when one viewpoint is being over-represented to the point that I’m drowning in it, that’s when I become annoyed.

So, let’s get this out there:  no, I don’t the kiss between Blaine and Kurt was cool.  I also didn’t like the Sexy episode and thought it a little disturbing.  I was annoyed with the Alcohol episode and thought that Iqbal Theba was wayyyyyy too much of a deux ex machina to take seriously–although, I enjoyed the Ke$ha cover.

This show has so much power over influencing teenagers and kids today.  And I’m not annoyed because I think they’re showing the “wrong” viewpoint–although, I heartily disagree–I’m annoyed because they’re not showing every viewpoint.  They’ve made a mockery out of teenage celibacy and have glorified not just alcohol-ness, but drunkenness; actually, if you want to get Biblical, they’re putting debauchery on a pedestal, and that’s not okay with me.

Not to mention, the song choices are getting kinda lame.

And the gay thing?  Okay, maybe I don’t agree with homosexuality (and that does NOT make me a homophobe) but I have to agree with Victoria Jackson that it does feel like they’re shoving gayness down our throats.  Again, glorifying it.  But it only feels that way because they’re making a point to specifically not have any other viewpoints.

It’s not okay with me that Glee is showing only one side of the argument–although, it’s not like I run the show, so I guess they can do what they want–because there are teenagers out there that are terribly confused about things other than homosexuality.  If parents are teaching one thing (in this case, Christianity) and Glee is showing another, then how do they know which is right?

I’m definitely not criticizing Glee for the detriment of our society.  If anything, all TV has started to segue from merely making dirty innuendos to venerating all things contrary to Christ.  It’s appalling.  And what’s really sad is, there’s no alternative.  If I won’t watch Glee because I don’t like what it’s portraying, then I can’t turn to some TV show that at least presents a little bit of conservatism or modesty because there isn’t one out there.

And this is where the trouble lies.
And also why I don’t watch TV.

Now, back to our themed week.


§ 5 Responses to Glee and Debauchery: Why I’m not a fan.

  • *Claps*
    I love this and this is why I don’t watch the show anymore. Goodbye, Glee. It was fun for about 13 episodes.

  • christine says:

    I watched Glee last season, for the music.
    But the acting, the themes of the shows, the lameness of the plots… it just started getting to me, and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

  • Michelle says:

    I don’t watch “Glee” but I love your thoughts. Very intelligently done. You should send a copy of this to the producers.

  • great points altogether, you simply received a new reader. What might you suggest about your post that you made some days ago? Any sure?

  • Alyssa says:

    I really enjoyed “Glee” at first, but lately it has gotten out of control. I choose not to watch it anymore. I think the messages are way too adult for young adults to be watching.
    I’m directing a loud *TSK TSK* to the cast and crew of “Glee”!!

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