The Sounds of Friday; Music to My Ears

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been working on my computer a lot lately (did I tell you I got a new job?! I know work at a publishing company.  Woohoo!) so I’ve taken a break from watching Friends or Gilmore Girls or any other TV on DVD and have started listening to music.  The problem was, my music was so boring and I’d heard it all way too many times.  So I started digging, and this is what I’ve found that I would like to share with you.

1.  Til We See the Shore . Seabird
I love this band and I can’t believe I hadn’t found them earlier.  I love piano-driven music, like Jack’s Mannequin or Making April, and I really enjoy listening to this guy’s voice.  It’s an album I can listen to without getting annoyed halfway through.

2. Little Voice . Sara Bareilles
I’ve heard her songs on the radio (who hasn’t) and I like her voice, but not much of a fan of what I’ve heard.  Although, all it took was to listen to one song off her album that hadn’t been on the radio for me to fall in love.  She’s got the jazzy style of Nora Jones without the raspy voice and annoying melodies and she’s got music style like John Mayer.  It’s good.

3.  Lungs . Florence + The Machine
I’ll admit that I first heard Dog Days are Over on Glee, and I liked it so much I looked it up and promptly downloaded the whole album.  Some of the songs are a hit and miss, and I don’t care for Florence herself, but overall I do enjoy the album.

4.  Viva La Vida . Coldplay
I already love Coldplay, but I’d never listen to this new album.  Again, I didn’t care for the song on the radio so I didn’t look it up.  But like Bareilles, it took one other song for me to fall in love.  As much as I like Coldplay, I can’t listen to the guys voice for a terribly long time, and most of their music is a little to melancholic and starts to sound the same after a while.  I do think that Viva La Vida has a little bit of the same quality about it, but it sounds so much different than what they’ve done in the past that I don’t get bored as easily.  I like the use of violins and piano (as always) and I especially like this song.

5.  Civil Twilight (Self-Titled)
I heard Letters to the Sky on the I Am Number Four soundtrack and really enjoyed their sound.  The entire album doesn’t disappoint, either.  It’s probably the band I listen to mostly.

I’m not a music critic, and I don’t always know how to explain why I like something–as you can see from the above most of my descriptions use the word “love” and its synonyms–but what I like most about music is that I don’t have to always know why I like something, I can just like it.  I like hearing a song and feeling as if the world is suddenly a different place; like I’ve been transported into this melodic world the artist has created for me.  It’s really nice, but like most things (books especially) I seem to have to listen to a lot of uninspiring/boring music before I get to the good stuff.

I like soundtracks a lot, so I get a lot of my new music just by listening to the music that plays in a movie and downloading the soundtrack after.  This is how I found Sia, Adele, and Alexi Murdoch.  I also like Pandora a whole lot, which helped me find The Classic Crime, The Years Gone By, and redisvovered The Secret Handshake.

Today is definitely Sherwood and Hellogoodbye day, though, as I have to go to the dentist and I need the happy music to put me on the way.  Although, I definitely wouldn’t mind your own recommendations.



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