WordFULL Wednesday

March 2, 2011 § 3 Comments


Billy Collins, The Apple That Astonished Paris. If someone wants to buy me this book (you know, since it’s my birthday month and all) I will not complain.
I really like his poem Vanishing Point.  (Thank you Jordan for the recommendation.)


Peaches, Secrets of Peaches, Love of Peaches, by Jodi Lyn Anderson.
I’ve just finished the second in the series and I have to say, as YA book series go, this one is-for the lack of a better adjective-Amazing.  The first one took me a while to get into, but it ended up being well worth the time I put into reading it.  Anderson has a way with phrases and a way with creating these deep, wonderful tones that so match her characters.  Her time frames sometimes seem weird to me–putting one year into a book is kinda hard, and I think some explanation is lost this way–but they series is a worthwhile read.  It’s about three seventeen year old girls (and very much not like the sisterhood pants books) who become friends.  And it’s not as easy as that.  Anderson creates these wonderful characters that have depth, something a lot of YA Lit is missing.  She spins stories of estranged parents, ramifications of first love, and what it’s like to be seventeen when the world is quite literally yours for the taking, all weaved together in a peach orchard. Something else I would love to own.


I’m stuck on Adele and Duffy at the moment.
Yeah, I’m probably a little behind the times, but I’m in love with Adele’s voice and Duffy’s music.


I watched bits of Raising Hope last night, and I’m fearful that it might be yet another tv “obsession” I get into.  I’ve been sorely disappointed with House and The Office–is it just me, or is Holly making Michael Scott close to normal??–and as much as I like Parenthood, it’s sometimes too dramatic and melancholic for me.  The Biggest Loser can sometimes be fun, but how many times can you really watch fat people workout without it getting boring?  And I’m definitely not an American Idol or The Bachelor fan.  So Raising Hope it is, and I’m thinking about trying out Traffic Light, too.


§ 3 Responses to WordFULL Wednesday

  • Don’t underestimate Parenthood. It’s like the Hulk: the madder it gets, the better it gets. Also, check out The Chicago Code. Pretty good! Raising Hope is pretty great. Also, Adele just had a new album released (amazing!) so you’re not behind in the times. Finally, yay Billy Collins! So good. “Nine Horses” is probably my favorite.

  • we watched half the series premiere of the chicago code, and it was definite no-go for us. that girl annoys me.
    i’ll admit, it was i am number four that got me addicted to adele.

  • christine says:

    I love The Chicago Code (and House, and I’m still faithful to The Office).
    Randy and I are currently on a “The Mentalist” kick… we bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. It’s fascinating! Oh, and we love Community, too. It’s creative and unique.

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