This is a blog on the tragedies of not owning real estate because we’re newly married transient people.

March 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

I think the most stupid thing of being married is the living part.
As in, apartment hunting suuuuucks.

We’re moving soonish, because our lease comes up, and hey guess what I learned!  This city is the second most expensive city to live IN THE COUNTRY!  That’s right.  In the whole of America I have to (want to) live in the number one most expensive place in the state, second in the country.  I am so ridiculous.

So I have absolutely nothing but apartments on the brain.
And geography.  Lots of geography.

I’m dreaming of one and two bedrooms.  Octagonal window spaces.  Dedicated parking spots.  Does the kitchen have a dishwasher?  Carpet vs. hardwood floors.   I’m sorry, it’s how much money a month?  12’x10′ will not fit all our bedroom furniture.  Noise level.  Will my gigantic armoire fit up that teeny tiny three story spiral staircase?  Tubs vs. stand-up showers.  Square footage.  Yes, I know I can get all the cold water I want for free, but how much will the hot water cost??

It’s one of those terrifyingly exciting bittersweet times.  Will we find an apartment that has everything on our wishlist–at least two kitchen counters would be great–and will we find one in a great location that won’t break the already broken bank?  Or, could we at least find one that doesn’t smell like cats or Indian curry, and doesn’t make me want to go home and take a hot shower and scrub myself with a pumice stone.

Is it that hard to just find a decent place to live?
And why am I so excited about about laundry machines being in the apartment and the number of closets that are actually in the place?

It’s pretty self-pityingly sad because at the same time I’m dreaming of these grody “it has potential, just imagine your own stuff in here” apartments, I’m also dreaming about my one-day house that I can decorate and make it cute.  I find it hard to invest in good furniture that’s just going to be shipped from place to indefinite place or the kind of furniture that perfectly fits the space between my one counter and my stove but may or may not fit at all in the next place.

It’s really dumb.

And because of dreaming of all the stupidity, I’ve been drooling over cute shower curtains and kitchen cabinet knobs and a new queen size bed and staying up late at night to read dozens of design blogs.

So, I’ll share.

I don’t like Ikea, because I think it’s overpriced cheap furniture and I so do not want to put something that I’ll be sitting on or sleeping on together–not a good idea.  I also don’t like owing things that everyone else does, but I will if I can get inexpensive functionality out of it, and since I do like looking at the store, and after a recent trip with my mother-in-law, I found this really neat mirror/cabinet that I’m going to get (one day when we have money and my husband says I can)!  Now I can have a full length mirror and hang up my scarves and purses which are currently sitting in a cardboard box on a shelf in my closet.

I’m not a cutesy person–I don’t like to “subscribe to any label”–but I enjoy ModCloth’s apartment things.  Like these little birdie S&P shakers, and their little critter toothbrush holders, though I think they’re cuter for a baby bathroom.  They have really cute, inexpensive, things that help put your own unique spin in an apartment that has been lived in by so many kinds of people it’s disgusting to even think about.

I also think Urban Outfitters has cute shower curtains, like this one, and their sale prices are usually decent.  And if we had thought about it in time, we would’ve invested in Anthropologie’s kitchen hardware–like this cute owl! or these really nifty clocks–because God knows our kitchen needs an overhaul.

I don’t shop on etsy, and I don’t order decorative items from eBay, but one of mine and my husband’s favorite past times is to peruse antique stores–not necessarily the decent ones that are arranged all neat but the ones in basements with thick dusts and chairs piled on kitchen cabinets and hutches back to back.  We recently scored some third edition classic books from one in New Hampshire, a wonderfully cute and really old clock in Maine, a silver owl necklace from Rhode Island, and if we’d had the money (and if it wasn’t already sold) I would’ve come up with a great multi-drawer dresser from the Salvation Army here in Boston.

And my favorite places to find ideas are from Making it Lovely, Decor8, and, yes, The Nate Berkus Show.  I like reading RealSimple, The Nest, and back issues of my mother in law’s Traditional New England Home magazines.

One day, I’ll own a house, one that I can call charming and it doesn’t stand for “a teeny little living space.”  A house that’s all mine (and, okay, my husband’s too) and I can buy furniture for it that won’t get scratched by being incessantly loaded into moving trucks or the back of my small kia.  I’ll own an adult-sized couch not previously owned from one of my bridesmaid, a chair that wasn’t owned by my husband, who got it from my sister-in-law, who got it from the church bin, who got it from somewhere.  And, if I’m really lucky, I’ll be able to paint my non-wood panel walls and be able to strip down the 1970s floral wallpaper, and have three whole kitchen counters, a dishwasher, and a garbage disposal.

One day.

But until then, I’ll have more days like this than not.

This depicts a view from one of my bedroom doors–yes, I have three doors that lead to the bedroom–when we came back from the honeymoon.  I slept on that air mattress for a week while I waited for my junk to drive up here from Texas, the poor husband slept on the floor in the middle of all the crap.  At least it was his crap.


§ 2 Responses to This is a blog on the tragedies of not owning real estate because we’re newly married transient people.

  • Jordan says:

    You should just move back to Texas. But, good luck finding a new place to live. So you get free cold water, but have to pay for hot water? That’s so weird. I, too, would like a dishwasher and a closet that can actually hold all of our clothes. But, we’re also living in a two bedroom right now, and we have a backyard for the dogs, so I really can’t complain. Good luck, cousin! I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  • christine says:

    I feel you. In every word of this post, I feel you.
    Good luck with the apartment hunt!

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