This is a blog on things–Texas things and Massachusetts things.

October 30, 2010 § 4 Comments


1. Sonic
I really really miss sonic drinks, like cherry limeades and lemonberry slushes.  There’s nothing like having a horrible, no good, very bad day and being cheered up with a halfprice cherry-watermelon slush at happy hour.  Or hearing the good news that your hometown that you’re moving back to finally decided to get with it and open up a sonic two seconds from where you work.  Or celebrating an engagement with a route 44 drink after church.  Move over Chuck-E-Cheese, because Sonic definitely wins the prize for happiest place on earth.  But there are no sonics up here.  No, the closest I can get to  is raspberry lime rickeys–which are reeeeally good, just not the same–or putting lime seltzer in my cranberry juice–still good, just makes me pee all the time.

2. Gas Stations
Okay like no joke.  You know how you fill up your tank and you can click that little thing on the pump so you don’t have to stand there and hold the nozzle?  Well, Mass. made it illegal up here to have those little clicker things so if I fill up my tank I have to stand there and hold the nozzle.  And normally that doesn’t bother me so much, except for the fact that its a million degrees colder up here than down there, so while you guys can avoid the heat at the gas station by sitting in your car, I’m getting frostbite on my fingers from holding the cold metal nozzle in my hands.

3.  Rice Village/West University
Every time some New England person hears I’m from Texas, the response I get is, “Oh, how do you love the weather?  Isn’t fall the greatest?? I mean, you just don’t get any better than these trees, huh?”  Well, a word to all you New Englanders:  Fall is not my favorite season!  Sorry, but I don’t like when the weather is in between humid/hot and cold, I don’t like all the leaves piled atop my car before I go to work (oh em gee do I dread the ice and snow), and the colors of the leaves? Hate to break it to ya, but orange is not my favorite color.  No, I miss West University, especially in the spring time, when the tree leaves are almost a lime green and the sun shines through them and makes them even lime-y-er.  The leaves are almost translucent–maybe not “rich” with color, but beautiful all the same.  And I miss how you drive through these gorgeous colors and end up at Rice Village, blocks and blocks of independent bookstores, clothing boutiques, and restaurants.  It’s the place I bought my wedding dress.  It’s the place where I interned at the publishing company.  It’s the place that my then-fiance/now-husband took me to the weirdest and overly sexual play I’ve ever seen before.  You can’t find a place like that at all around here.

4. Roaches
I know, this is a crazy one, and I guess I don’t exactly miss roaches, but I just despise these Massachusetts bugs so much, like the millipede.  And what makes Mass bugs grosser?  One word:  UGLY.  They may be small, but they are the most hideous creatures I’ve ever seen–and I’m not just talking about the millipede, either.  There are things that look like silverfish, but they’re black as night and have long feelers coming off of them.  Fruit flies get into my kitchen, and they’re seriously worse than gnats or mosquitoes or junebugs for sure.  And like a family of skunks live next door to us.  I’m not talking metaphorically, I mean those black furry creatures with a white stripe that stink like heck.  I woke up one morning, dreaming that my job was peeling roadkill off the highways, with the smell lingering in my nose only to find the family of skunks bonding in the front of my bedroom windows. So, no, I don’t jump out of my skin every time I’m next to a bush and hear a noise thinking it’s a snake or having to deal with cricket infestation (*ahem swagu*), but at least I’m on first name basis with those disgusting things.

5. Internet
No one shares up here.  All the surrounding wifi is security/password protected.  It suucks.


1. Walking
From my house I can walk to the center of town, to my in-laws apartment, to the library, to the grocery store, to the laundromat, the post office, etc. etc.  I can go literally a week without ever using my car.  My bank is in my side yard, the coffee house is next door, and there’s a chinese takeout next door to that.  You can’t walk anywhere in Texas or you’ll get busted up by a ford pickup truck on a 6 lane highway.

2. The Smell
My husband and I and a friend of his went to MIT tonight for a Campus Crusade thing and they were talking about how they love the New England smell.  At the time, I made fun of them for “smelling New England,” but it’s true, there really is a crisp-ness in the air that you don’t get in Texas–at least not where I’m from.

3. States
Being in Mass, I am 2 hours from Connecticut, 1 hour from New Hampshire, 2 hours from Maine, 2 1/2 hours from Vermont, 40 minutes from Rhode Island, and 4 hours from New York.  It took me 4 hours to drive from college to home freshman year and 45 minutes junior-senior year, and I stayed in the same state the entire time!  Not up here though.  Just get on a road, and in 2 hours you’ll end up somewheres totally different.


I'm literally standing in 2 places at once, New Hampshire and Maine.



4. My Apartment
The house I live in was built in 1836, and around the 60s/70s it was cut up into apartments.  So I’m living with the original windows, beautiful hardwood floors, and a great builtin in the living area.  Yeah, on a whole the apartment is tiny, has remnants of almost every decade–parquet floor from the 70s, wallpaper from the 60s, kitchen countertops from the 50s–and no we can’t hang things up because of the horsehair walls and my kitchen only has 2 cabinets, but I love how unique it is.  You can’t find anything but ginormo apartment complexes down there.  At least mine has real history in it.  In fact, when it was originally built, it was at the bottom of the hill, on the main street, and then they wanted to put a bank in so they moved the house–the whole house!!–up the hill a block and set it there.  And then they wanted to expand the bank so they just moved the house again to where it is now.  How cool is that?  My house is a survivor.  Not only that, it was built for Joseph Day, the grandfather of the founder of the town, so I’m not joking when I say it’s historic.  I’m a part of history.


Picture of my house before it was moved the 2nd time and cut up into apartments.

5. Beauty

This is a picture taken on the New Hampshire/Maine border from the side of the road:
It’s a giant lake and on the other side is a waterfall/creek thing:

taken with my phone on a really sunny day, so not very good quality

Let’s face it.  You do not see things like this on the side of a Texas highway.
Like, ever.



§ 4 Responses to This is a blog on things–Texas things and Massachusetts things.

  • Oso says:

    Nice blog from such an observant blogger! Just wanted to share a few things with you.

    1. There are 2 Sonics in MA (Peabody and Wilmington) and more coming (such as to Marlborough and Framingham). Albeit – none of them are close but certainly worth the drive according to my wife.
    2. Completely agree on the gas station observation. Keep in mind though that some towns like Milford, Ma require all gas stations to be full service. And, I have encountered more random full service stations (for the same price as self service) more frequently here – such as in my town.
    3. On the “roaches” item, I too was surprised at much more “country” New England” seems to be than Texas.
    4. On the “states” item – I absolutely love the ability to drive for 30 minutes to an hour to two hours and actually be somewhere different (the beach, the mountains, the city, etc). In Texas we would drive 4 hours from Dallas only to reach Galveston or 5 hours to be in San Antonio or 12 hours and be in El Paso. Each of the Texas destinations are not quite the same as the Cape, the White Mountains, Vermont, Boston, etc.
    5. Completely agree on your “beauty” point!

    I will say that I do miss the conveniences and the friends/family in Texas. There seemed to be more shops, more options, more open and straight roads. The school system was much more open to parental involvement and much less filled with “no funds this year” kind of talk. But there is something so peaceful about being where know you need to be for the time that you are there – hence, I agree with you on the beauty, the smell, the architecture, the outdoors, etc of New England.

    Thanks for the blog!

  • jordan says:

    Oh, Texas. It’s an amazing place, but there’s too much to really ever truly appreciate. I mean, if I want to see the coast I have to drive like 11 hours. If I want to see mountains I have to drive 7. If I want to visit the Hill Country then it’s 6. 10 to see my dad…you get the point. Also, no Sonic? Those lemonberry slushes are pretty much amazing. But, you’re in New England. You’re surrounded by culture, and history, and museums. You’ve got it made, it seems like. Plus, you can walk around without getting hit my 4×4 diesel truck. But, I have to admit, there’s not much better than Rice Village.

  • christine says:

    We don’t have a Sonic in the town in which I’m living right now. I agree that it SUCKS royally!

    We just eat popsicles all the time ;)

  • Christina says:

    This makes me miss you alot.

    And I am jealous too, I would love to be only a few hours away from all of those states.

    Massachusetts(that was hard to spell) looks very pretty.

    oh and I love how you brought “A Walk to Remember” memories back with that standing in two places at once. :D

    i miss you friend!


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