The 99 Theses, but they’re not posted on an old church door.

October 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been reading this book by Rob Bell called Velvet Elvis, and in his introduction he talks about transformation.  He says faith and Christianity needs to be flexible, as in people should never stop repainting and rethinking the faith.  He mentions Martin Luther as an example of someone who raised questions about the image the church was presenting to the world.  It was called the Reformation because the churches Luther spoke against went through their own thinking and process to make significant changes.  And that since Luther, the process of rethinking and changing faith and Christianity hasn’t stopped and it can’t stop, because faith can never be defined and cultivated to be perfect from this moment onward until forever.  And as a Christian, Rob Bell is committed to keep repainting and rethinking and reforming his beliefs and how he sees the future.

I believe this whole process can be applied to our own selves, a sort of “self-re-evaluation.”  That as we grow and live and form and break relationships we are constantly developing our own character, but if we never stop to rethink and embrace change then we’re forever stuck as the same person.  Nu-Age  ideals stress the importance of identity of the self and how there’s the need to soul-search and “find” yourself, but along the journey of finding yourself, nu-agers miss the point Rob Bell makes–the idea is not finding yourself and settling down to one personality or another, but staying open to growth and development and the natural progression of rethinking, reshaping, your own ideas and thoughts.

And in the same way, I feel as if this blog–as an extension of myself–if this blog is going to be a living, breathing, entity it, too, must undergo the process of the “velvet elvis,” it needs to be repainted and rethought and reformed.

I have always been a very self-aware person.  I never feel the need to soul-search or to find myself because I know that I’m not lost.  I’m right here.  But as a recent college graduate struggling to find a position in the real world, I have come to the realization that I, myself, am not nor have I ever been open to being repainted.  That though I (think) I know exactly what it is that I want to do with myself and my life, I need to be aware of options I have, or can have.

All that to say, I’m repainting this blog.
I’m reforming and rethinking.

Yes, it will have posts on movies and books and music, because that will always be apart of me.  But I think it’s worth using this wordpress tool to explore all the other parts of myself, as well.

I am a great cook.  It’s true.  I can take a recipe, make it my own, and create a homemade meal more delicious than restaurant quality.
I hate cleaning.  I always thought I just never had enough space to put anything anywhere–and it’s still true now in our tiny apartment–but it turns out, I just really don’t like doing it.

So instead of being “CultureSavvy,” I think this blog is going to be more “CaitlinSavvy.”  Things that I encounter on a day-to-day basis as a recent college graduate, newly-married Texan living in Boston, a place rich with history and New England culture.  And I hope that by reshaping, reforming, and repainting this blog, I will also undergo the same reformation, not to find myself, but to explore the parts that I have long since forgotten.

And I invite you to do the same.


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