The ghost of Bill Murray can be found almost anywhere.

September 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay well Audrey Niffenegger did it again.

She took this sort of cool subject and flushed it down the drain.

So this book of hers is all about twins and identity, how one twin wants her own life and other twin doesn’t know what do to by herself.  It’s kind of just a normal topic, like love/marriage in The Time-Traveler’s Wife, but Niffenegger of course has to put a stupid spin on the book.

Ghosts.  That’s right.  Some long-lost aunt dies, becomes a ghost, then the twin finds her ghost of an aunt and decides she wants to die, then have her aunt put her soul back into her body later so that she can separate from her twin.

I know, right?

It reminds me of Zombieland, when Bill Murray shows up and you think, “Hahaha Bill Murray,” and then Jesse Eisenberg or Woddy Harrelson kills Murray and you think,” No, that didn’t happen,” but it really did and later you think, “Did that just happen?” and when the movie ends, all you can talk about is, “Did that really just happen?? Did Bill Murray really die?”

That is how I feel about this book.  It’s kind of slow at first, then it gets interesting, and then there’s a ghost and you’re thinking, “Really?  A ghost?  Welp, okay then.”  And you get to the end to find out that not only did the twin not get back into her body, but her dead ghost of an aunt gets put back into her niece’s dead body and the only thing I’m thinking is, “You have got to be kidding me.  Did that really just happen?”

And all ghosts aside, her writing in this book is worse than her first.  I don’t care at all about the characters.  When the twin decides she doesn’t want to be a twin anymore, not only do I not know why I could also care less.  None of the characters have any depth at all.  So there’s nothing to keep me reading, really.  Except for the fact that I want to figure out if Bill Murray really did die.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

Here’s the thing, Niffenegger could’ve written a really great and really poignant book about twin identity and such.  Or she could’ve taken a a weird spin and made it an engrossing novel that takes unpredictable approaches in the plotlines, and you’d think that’s what she did with the ghosts and all, but no.  The ghosts went too far.  Just like her first novel, Niffenegger just doesn’t know when to say when.

Really, this book is just awful.

So if you decide to read this book, well, just prepare yourself.


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