Bears, Beets, Dishes in the sink.

August 4, 2010 § 3 Comments

I think New England have the best kinds of apartments, because not only do they have a sense of history, they have a really good sense of humor.  For example, the house I live in was built circa 1836 and still has the original moldings, the original windows, winding staircase to the top floor, and so on.  Except that the house around the 60’s or 70’s maybe was cut up into five apartments and we live in the bottom right hand corner.

So not only do we have the 1836 windows and 1836 floors and 1836 moldings, we have 1970s floor and 1970s moldings and 1970s wallpaper.  But that’s what I love about where I live; it’s got so much character.  And the more I live there and the more I clean it and the more I decorate it I find more and more personality that the house contains.

Such as, the floor that refuses to stay clean.

Yes, this would be my kitchen floor.  And no matter how hard, how long, how much cleaner I use on it, it will never stay white and it always looks as if its never been cleaned before.  Which would really be fine with me, was it any other floor in the house, but when you go into someone’s kitchen, and they’re going to feed you food, you expect everything to be clean.  I mean, who wants to eat off a dirt pan or chop of vegetables on a dirty cutting board?  I’m pretty sure if my floor was found in a restaurant, Marvin Zindler would be all over it.

And because our house was chopped up, I’m pretty sure they forgot to put a kitchen into our apartment, so they were like, “Ummm, okay, let’s make a tiny square and add an oven and fridge and sink.  That’ll do.”  Which is why I have ZERO counterspace.  Luckily, my mother-in-law picked up this handy roller thing at a yard sale for us.  And it fits perfectly between the ugly built in cabinet thing and our stove.  I love it.  And it rolls in and out on the dirty floor so I can use the drawers underneath.

Speaking of floor.

When you walk into my house, you walk on that gross parquet (?) flooring from the seventies, but then you get to the really pretty 1836 floor.  So it’s like my apartment is hideous and quaint all at the same time.  And that bottom thing you see with that thing poking out?  That would be the heater, and it’s halfway broken, so in the middle of the night when I stumble down the long hall out of the bathroom half asleep, I stub my toe at least twice a week on that thing.  And I’m not stumbling because I’m half asleep, either.  I’m stumbling down the hall because the floor of my apartment is actually uneven.  In fact, the hall closet door won’t even open all the way because the floor slopes up too high.  See?  Sense of humor.

Our hall ceiling, another example of how our house secretly rebelled against being cut into pieces because the old and new ceilings don’t even match up.  But, I guess as long as the ceiling stays up high and doesn’t fall down on my head, I’m okay with that.  Also, this is an example of the wallpaper that goes with the first floor.  Nice, right?

This is my favorite part of our apartment, and it’s located in the living room. I think it’s like the house was like, “Okay, you know I don’t want to be split up into pieces, and I’m going to torment anyone who lives where with my un-level floors and mismatchy moldings, but I’m going to make girls love me because of this really cute built-in that they just have to have to live here and that’s how I draw in my victims.”  But it’s okay, because this built in is totally worth stumbling down the hall and stubbing my toes on the floor.  It’s a really old built in with shelves and glass doors and drawers that hardly move in and out.  I put all my pretty dishes in here to look at, although it’s sometimes a pain to do because if I’m in the kitchen and I need a plate I have to walk all the way in here.  But no biggy.  And that little wedding girl?  She was on my bridal cake at my wedding shower.  So I had to keep her.

But enough about the house, here are my favorite personal additions.

Both of these are in my living room.  It’s the clock that’s frozen in time (because I always always forget to buy batteries) and it’s the cross from our wedding, because, well, Jesus has to be there somewhere, right?  So why not where we eat at?  Especially since we’re eating food from a kitchen with a dirty floor.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to say a double blessing, cross ourselves, and have the cross shine a Jesus light on our food so that it may not be poisonous.

I got this pink chair from a youth group garage sale for free–no one wanted it and I fell in love with it.  It’s beautiful, and needs reupholstering really badly.  But the funny thing is, my husband was coming home from work one day and some man was putting this ottoman out on the curb to take off to the garbage, and it so happens that it was about the same material and same haphazard shape as my parlor chair! What are the odds? I was very happy and extremely surprised, but it makes for a great addition to our home

And speaking of chairs, the green one–yes, it really is that ugly shade of green–we got from the basement of the church my mother-in-law works for.  I think it was originally someones, who gave it to someone, who gave it to someone, who gave it to my husband, who used it for a little while, then stored it, and was finally unearthed by me!  I can imagine my mother now, rolling her eyes, saying, “Yeah, that’s my daughter.  Lover of the most ugliest stuff.”  But, it works for me!

So we live in a one bedroom apartment, which means my husband has no mancave.  And as he has a ton of sports paraphanelia, I deemed this his man hallway!  It goes off the main hallway to the living room.  We’re not supposed to poke holes in the wall, but apparently someone before us did, and as soon as my husband saw that, he immediately hung up all his sports pictures, although he replaced the middle one with a painting his father painted.  It’s kind of a tacky hallway, but it’s the best I can give him.  Of course, if he’s got a man hallway, then I get to have Dwight up in the kitchen.  He’s useful in frightening my husband or me into doing the dishes (we don’t have  a dishwasher).

When we moved in after our honeymoon, I got a very surprising wedding gift.  My husband built me a bookshelf!  I really like it, only I want to stain it, I just don’t know what color yet.  And I like how unique it is, especially for the top, so I can put my sprawling love fern and my typewriter on display.

And, to go with our quaky house, here is the armoire I got from Pier one ages ago, and we keep our TV in it.  But the door tends to close shut so I have to drape the plug from my keyboard over the door so it’ll stay open while we watch movies, because we still don’t have cable.

And last but not least, our very tiny backyard was the scene of a very recent accident.  I kid you not, there were about ten witnesses.

Our backyard backs up to the Bank of America parking lot, and one day when my parents were visiting, all of us were sitting in the living room when a girl comes bursting through the trees into the yard in her BMW SUV.  She barely missed the house and the passenger side was all dented and smashed in.  It was kinda exciting.

And that, ladies and gents, is The Frost’s First House Summary.


§ 3 Responses to Bears, Beets, Dishes in the sink.

  • Alyssa says:

    I love your apartment–it’s so charming! I laughed quite a bit at the “Jesus light.”

    Keep writing! I’m jealous of your New England life; I’ve always dreamed of living there, despite never even visiting that part of the country. I’m sure you remember my Pennsylvania obsession!

  • christine says:

    I love Dwight in the kitchen.
    and our kitchen floor doesn’t stay clean, either! I mopped it twice yesterday.

  • This is late, but I was re-reading this and I totally caught the Marvin Zindler reference. “Marvin Zindler, Eyewitness News.”

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