This is a blog to make up for all those other blogs I haven’t posted yet.

July 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is going to be hurried, because I have to leave in eight minutes, but I feel terrible about not writing any more blogs this month (even though I’ve got three in my head right now).

So this is my familial update on my New England life:
–I still can’t bake bread, but tomorrow I’m gonna try my hand at buttermilk biscuits (from scratch) so we shall see how that goes.
–I am now (once again) employed by David’s Bridal, and though it might cure boredom, I feel like it’s taking a step backwards.
–My husband and I are going to take a cooking class!!  More details on that when they come…
–I have literally read about 50 books since I’ve been married.  And soon I will blog on them, I just have to untangle the words in my head.
–I miss miss miss miss having a pool in my backyard.
–I’m going to take piano lessons!!
–There is still no internet at my house.
–We received $150 in bed bath and beyond gift cards though we are not registered there.  Go figure.
–My husband finally changed the lightbulbs in the kitchen.  So not only can I see what I’m cooking, I can also see every speck of dirt I haven’t cleaned.
–My favorite place right now is the pet store at the Attleboro mall.  I’m in love with a puppy…or two…
–I do not miss Texas weather.

On a side note, I just read/finished Houston author Katherine Center’s book Everyone is Beautiful.  No, it’s not the greatest work of fiction there is.  I think the title is too cheesy and the content a little too chick flick for me (although, it is chick lit, so what should I expect?)  However, I identified so much with the narrator, Lanie, who moved from Houston to Cambridge, Mass, that it made it a worthwhile read.  And there are such comedic sections with stories about the narrator’s children that not only was I laughing aloud I read them to my husband who also thought they were hilarious.  (“My noo-noo is thirsty!”)  I recommend the book to anyone who wants a laugh.

This is all for now.
My eight minutes is up.

But look for the following blogs:
The science of Meg Cabot
Love, and love and love again (blog on Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinnelli)
My opinion on Oldies Music (how music today is, well, bleeccgggh)


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