Thesising until my head hurts.

April 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay so I’m about to graduate (woohoo) but before I can I have to finish my thesis, a creative work in which I decided to write a short novel. This is what I have been doing almost nonstop for the past month. And I am so tired of it.
So I started taking pictures.

So first, I typed everything up.

And then, I bought this pretty binder to put it all in.
(from target)

And then I edited it all up, added bits and pieces, and typed it all back up again.

And then I edited it some more, typed it up again, and edited it again, and typed it all back up, etc. etc. until I got the semi-finished project.

Which I laid out on the floor of my apartment. I moved the table and chairs, barricaded the cats away from the papers, and looked at it all.

And because I wrote it in a non chronological order I had to figure out in what order the sections should go in. So this is what it looked like.

The blue post-its are notes to me to fix certain scenes and paragraphs, the pink post-its are note for me to add whole new sections, etc.

And then I typed it all back up again, and now I’m finished.
Except for the critical analysis which I should be writing now.

Things I’ve learned from writing my thesis:

1. It’s really hard to keep track of things in my head.  I called the guy Charles at the beginning, and at one point I named him John.  So I had to go back and fix it.
2. I really shouldn’t procrastinate on a project as large as this one.
3. I have never had so much trouble with the ending.  For the first time, the end just did not flow right onto the page like other ones have.  I felt like I manipulated it too much.
4. I’m a decent writer, and I’m not bragging.  I mean I worked real hard on this, I tried to create realistic characters that are interesting enough to be engaged with.  And I felt like I did a pretty good job.
5. I did a good enough job that I want to really fix and expand on it and hopefully publish it one day.
6. I got so invested in the characters I had one of them yell at me in a dream.  Very weird dream.
7. It is soo hard to read what I’ve written purely for content’s sake and not take a pen and tear it apart on the page.
8. I created something, and I’m satisfied with it.  It’s not often that happens.

So to my next endeavor!
The critical preface for my thesis.
Writing about what I wrote about.



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