That’ll Do Pig.

March 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

Poem of the Week:

It’s so good, there’s more than one, that I can’t choose between them.  So top three poems of the week are:
The River Merchant’s Wife:  A Letter, by Ezra Pound.
The River Merchant:  A Letter Home, by Edward Hirsch
As Far as Cho-Fu-Sa, by Mookie Katigbak

Each poem revolves around the same characters:  the river merchant and his wife.  A marriage without a courtship that grows into love and the pain that comes with a love across worlds.  My favorite line has to be Hirsch’s opening line, “Sometimes the world seems so large / you have no idea.”
As an English major who has even taken a class about the first two poems, I could sit here all day and analyze the poetry to you, the semantics, the syntax, the metaphorical language.  But the beauty of poetry is the discovery of what you find within the lines yourself.  So I urge you all to read the three poems here.

Song / Artist of the Week

Snow Patrol and their two songs “Just Say Yes” and “Set the Fire to the Third Bar.”

What I like so much about Snow Patrol is their use of language.  For example, in “Just Say Yes,” the lyrics are completely simply, hardly anything monosyllabic, yet they beautifully capture a single moment.  Quite the opposite, “Set the Fire” contains a story within metaphor and symbolism.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure even I understand it all.  It just proves how the UK band can dip into both areas of artistry: music and language.

Movie of the Month:

In the Land of Women, starring Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, and Kristen Stewart.

This is mostly because this is my favorite movie, so it has to be the very first movie of the month post.  What I like about this movie is the simplicity of finding your way back to love; a love that is more than platonic, but not centered around physical attraction.  The movie almost argues that love and life co-exist within each other.  You cannot have one without the other. See the trailer here.

And yes, I do seem to be really gushy on most of these things, to the point where it seems even to me that I have nothing specific to point out.
But like I said, the beauty in art is to explore it yourself.  To take the piece and make of it what you want to, without any preconceived notions of some blogger.

So, Enjoy!

And any other suggestions, post ’em.  I would like to hear other opinions.
I’m still searching for that perfect book.


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