Cloudy, with chance of genius.

January 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reasons why I started this blog:

1. I am currently an intern at Bright Sky Press in Houston, TX, and the wonderful editor that puts up with me gave me this as my new current project.  
2. So as this is part of my job, I need to find something to write about, but alas, that is definitely not going so well as this is my millionth attempt at crafting something remotely interesting.
3. I just finished reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  It is officially my new second favorite book. I like to read in the tub, preferably with lots of bubble bath bubbles, until my skin gets all wrinkly and pruny.  So when I started this book, my baths per day quickly doubled.
4. I am writing a book for my senior undergrad thesis at the University of Houston, and I am currently suffering from writer’s block at page 21.  Perhaps this will unstick me just enough to have bursts of creative genius.
5. I recently watched Julie and Julia, and while I’ll never be a remotely-famous cook, surely I can keep a blog.  

This blog is supposed to be a rambling of my semi-educated opinions on various semi-cultural things, such as books, music, and movies.  Sometimes local, sometimes not.

I’m years behind the times.
I’m stuck in Victorian European Literature and most movies I “discover” are about  three years old.
So I’m not exactly “up-to-date.”
But hopefully I’ll have somewhat good things to say.


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